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5 Accident Injuries Not Immediately Noticeable

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It was just a minor fender-bender and, unlike your poor car, you don’t have a scratch.  Even the 911 operator told you to exchange information with the other driver and mail-in the accident report.   But, that doesn’t mean you haven’t experienced physical injuries.  Some injuries may not manifest for hours or even days after the incident.  Some latent injuries can be life-changing. 

As an attorney, every day I am personally involved in fighting for those who are injured as a result of the negligence of others.    Injuries from even minor car and truck accidents can be extreme and life-changing.    I help victims gain the benefits they deserve.

In the minutes following an accident, victims are still full of adrenaline which can mask the symptoms for hours.  Below are five common injuries from car accidents that you may not immediately notice – but require medical attention. 

1)   Mild Traumatic Brain Injury.

Car accidents are one of the leading causes of brain injuries.  You needn’t lose consciousness or suffer a visible head wound to incur a brain injury.  Concussions occur in many ways. 

Symptoms may include a headache, dizziness, nausea, vomiting, fatigue, changes in eating or sleeping habits, trouble remembering, and sensitivity to light and audio stimulus.   All concussions are dangerous.  A medical professional should be consulted to evaluate the injury. 

2)   Whiplash.

The Mayo Clinic states most cases of whiplash become apparent within 24 hours of the accident.  Signs of whiplash may include pain and stiffness in the neck, dizziness, vertigo, numbness, tingling down the arms into the fingers, feeling tired or run down, problems with vision, headaches (especially at the base of the skull), and trouble sleeping. 

Whiplash is most commonly experienced in rear-end collisions.  It is not uncommon for the damage from whiplash to impact a person’s lifestyle for weeks, months, even years after the accident.  A medical professional should be consulted immediately after symptoms are observed. 

3)   Internal Bleeding.

The blunt trauma from a car accident may cause internal injuries and bleeding.  Among examples are lacerations to the liver, spleen, or other organs as a direct result of abdominal trauma.  Symptoms likely take hours to manifest and include pain, swelling, dizziness, purple (bruised) skin, headaches, and fainting.  Emergency surgery may be necessary to stop bleeding and repair damaged organs.

4)   Herniated Disk.

A herniated or ruptured spinal disc can result in debilitating pain.  In many cases, the pain does not appear until several days following the accident.  Such an injury can cause pain and tingling in the buttocks, legs, arm, or even down to the feet.  Immediate medical treatment is necessary should such symptoms be experienced. 

5)   Fractures.

Hairline fractures – also called “stress fractures” – can go unnoticed after a car accident.  An X-ray may be necessary to detect such injuries.  MRIs will detect injuries that X-rays may miss.  Left untreated, even a minor fracture can result in long-term pain and limit the victim’s ability to enjoy a normal quality of life. 

When To See a Doctor

Always see a doctor following a car accident if you or a loved one experiences any of the symptoms mentioned.  And, be sure to understand terms medical professionals frequently use to describe the severity of an injury – terms such as ‘mild’, ‘moderate’, and ‘severe’.  Even a ‘mild’ injury can limit the victim’s ability to enjoy a normal life.   

Chicago Auto Accident Attorneys.  We Help Victims.

The Attorneys at Friend, Levinson & Turner are knowledgeable and expert in representing those injured in an accident with cars and trucks.   Frequently, “minor” accidents can be very complicated and complex.  

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