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Are You Liable if Your Party Guest Causes a Drunk Driving Accident?


Updated 2019.

Drivers impaired by alcohol are involved in far too many traffic accidents in Chicagoland.  For victims, after the pain, grief, and anger subside, thoughts will likely turn to finding the person or persons responsible for the tragedy.

As an attorney, every day I am personally involved in fighting for those who are injured as a result of the negligence of others. Injuries from car accidents caused by drunk drivers can be severe and life-changing.

In 2017 alone, there were 10,874 fatalities due to drunk driving, according to NHTSA.

Drunk Driving Car Accident Liability.

If you’re the victim of an accident involving a drunk driver, among those with potential liability are:

The Driver.

The individual to begin pursuing for damages is the driver.  The driver must pay for the damages that they personally cause by their negligence and intoxication.

The Drunk Driver’s Employer.

Employers are liable for actions committed by their employees in the course of their employment.  As long as the driver was acting in accordance with his or her intended work responsibilities, the employer may be liable for your injuries.

The Drunk Driver’s Server.

  • Licensed Establishments. If a bar, restaurant, packaged-goods store, or other establishment serves or sells alcohol to an individual who becomes intoxicated and causes a car accident, that establishment may be liable to victims under the Illinois Dram Shop Act.
  • Minors. Illinois law specifically singles out and gives civil liability to adults who knowingly serve alcohol to minors who then injure others because of their intoxicated state.
  • Social Host. Illinois also adapted legislation that expands the meaning of the term ‘social host’. The consequence is that an adult is legally responsible for the actions of an underage minor to whom they make alcohol beverages available – even if the adult is the parent of that youngster.

This is the area of concern where adults host a Super Bowl Party, Graduation Party, New Year’s Eve Celebration, or even when a group of youngsters gather and ‘hangs-out’ at your residence.  Should the minor drive following the event, be involved in an automobile accident, and it is determined that their driving was impaired due to alcohol, the ‘social host’ is liable.

This is a strict liability law whereby the plaintiff needs only to prove that the underage drunk driver was served by or the ‘social host’ knowingly made alcoholic beverages available to the underage minor – there’s nothing the defendant can claim to absolve them of their liability.

Your Rights.

If you are the victim of the recklessness and negligence of a drunk driver, you have a right to pursue compensation from all responsible parties.  You deserve full and fair financial recovery from all parties responsible for the intoxication and subsequent damages caused.

What To Do.

For best results, victims involved in an accident with a drunk driver should seek guidance from a personal injury attorney.  The complexities of drunk driving liability claims are why you need to contact an attorney experienced in personal injury cases.  Do not wait.  We help you avoid mistakes that may weaken your case.    We ensure that no legal deadlines are missed, advise you on realistic compensation, and keep the case moving forward.

Check other blogs on this website for a valuable auto accident checklist with recommendations of how to best protect your rights should you be involved in an auto accident.

We Help Victims.

The Auto Accident Attorneys at Friend, Levinson & Turner Law are knowledgeable and expert in representing those injured in car accidents.     Auto accidents involving injuries are complex.   And drunk driving accidents may involve multiple parties and liability.

Insurance companies rely on professional adjusters to negotiate.    In order to deal with these professionals, you need a highly-trained, skilled attorney to protect your rights.   We know your rights and the applicable laws.  We are your advocates.  We are experts at negotiating with powerful insurance companies.    Experience counts.

We make the legal process as stress-free as possible.  We focus on recovering compensation for you – while you focus upon your physical and emotional recovery.

If you or a loved one is injured or a victim of the negligence of others, please call my office at 312-346-8465 or contact us using the form below.

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