How to Keep Your Child Safe From Cars This Halloween

Halloween is one of the most exciting holidays of the year and is loved by children and adults alike. Even with the thrill of dressing up, the candy, and the scary pranks, it is important to be aware of the dangers of Halloween.

How to Drive Safely Around Children

As the state of Illinois begins to open up, children across the state are spending more time outdoors, riding bicycles, enjoying better weather, staring at their phones while walking aimlessly, and hanging out with friends. Kids doing what kids do.  Paying little attention to cars, traffic, and adults. It’s never more important for drivers to slow down and pay closer attention to their driving.

Driving during the winter

The Dangers of Driving During the Winter

Driving at night during winter months in Illinois poses major risks for collisions and injuries. Driving conditions such as darkness, snow, ice, potholes, and frozen slush on your windshield and headlights have an impact on your safety.  


Motorcycles and Lane Splitting

Sharing the road with motorcycles is tricky at times, especially in heavy traffic.  The mobility, quick acceleration, and frequent lane changes of motorcycles make accidents a risk for everyday drivers.  While some drivers view motorcycles as a menace, most bikers are law abiding and simple prefer the feel of a ‘bike’ under them.  With new … Continue reading “Motorcycles and Lane Splitting”


Reducing Car and Bicycle Accidents

Updated August 2019 Bicycling is a great exercise.  Gyms feature spin classes and exercise bikes are always popular.  But, nothing beats the experiencing biking outdoors in the fresh air.  However, the mobility and sometimes unexpected changes in direction of bikes on our streets create considerable risks for riders and drivers.  While fatalities from bike accidents … Continue reading “Reducing Car and Bicycle Accidents”


Dangers on Public Transportation

Dangers On Public Transportation As you pull into the O’Hare Blue line station, the train gradually slows down and you begin reaching for your luggage.  You’re about to begin a well-deserved vacation.   Just as you’re getting up from your seat, you hear a loud boom and you’re jolted to the floor.  Lights go out.  You … Continue reading “Dangers on Public Transportation”


Vehicles vs. Bike Riders

Vehicles vs. Bike Riders Who among us hasn’t had to slam the brakes as a bicycle rider came out of nowhere and cut you off on a busy city street?    On the flip side, bike riders need to know what protections they have from vehicles?   Who is right in various situations?   That is what we … Continue reading “Vehicles vs. Bike Riders”