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Bad weather, driver fatigue, and tractor-trailer defects are all leading causes of truck-related accidents.  Truck accidents – including semi-trucks –  involving personal injury are also investigated for alcohol use, drug use, failure to yield, and inadequate monitoring of the truck operator.  If you are the victim of a truck-related accident, financial compensation may be available to you, but hiring the right Chicago truck accident lawyer can really make a big difference to your case.

The attorneys at Friend, Levinson, and Turner are experienced in pursuing all possible entities involved in accidents involving trucks.  We investigate all related parties that may include: trucking company or carrier, manufacturer of defective trucks or truck parts, and local agencies responsible for road maintenance.  Our law firm’s expertise in the trucking industry means we know what questions to ask and who to ask. As your Chicago truck accident attorney, we are here to represent your interests as a trucking accident victim.

A personal injury caused by a truck accident is a serious matter and we help you hold the correct parties responsible.  While you recover from your injury, the personal injury attorneys at the law offices of Friend, Levinson, and Turner Law seek financial compensation for you and your family.  We will put our knowledge and years of experience to work for you.

Don’t let your truck accident injury go without getting the results you deserve.  Get the help you need from Friend Levinson Turner Law.  Receive the financial compensation you deserve.  Contact William Turner today for a free consultation about your truck accident.

Personal Attention

The key to our success is the time we take to get to know our clients as individuals. We establish a personal relationship to understand every detail of their unique case and the impact it has had on their family. As your truck accident attorney in Chicago, we care about your needs above all else whether you lost wages, need to deal with the insurance company, or if you experienced a personal injury due to the negligence of a commercial vehicle outside of your control.

We are here to listen to your story and advocate on your behalf. Our experience working with Illinois truck accident victims enables us to ask the right questions and prepare for specific cases.

Success Stories

$2,250,000 Settlement – Catastrophic Truck Crash

A young man was riding home from college with his best friend when their car was cut-off by a huge semi-tractor trailer. The car left the roadway and rolled over multiple times – launching the young man from the car. To make matters worse, the 20-year old man was thrown onto a rural barbed-wire fence. His extensive internal injuries required emergency surgery, multiple subsequent surgeries, and extensive recuperation and therapy.

Frequently Asked Questions about Truck Accidents

A truck driver who swerved and hit my car said it wasn’t his fault; he swerved because his load shifted and caused the suspension to break. Is he right?

Truck accidents are complex. Sometimes the neglect falls on the driver — fatigue, distractions, alcohol, erratic driving; other times neglect for truck crashes falls on others – poor maintenance, improper loading, overloading, or road conditions. An experienced personal injury attorney will investigate and help you sort through your claim to identify the responsible party. The benefit of hiring an expert is knowing that you can focus on recovery while we ensure that you have access to the compensation you deserve.

A large semi-trailer truck turned and clipped the front of my car. He said it was my fault for ‘squeezing’ him while he was turning. Is he right?

Professional, licensed truck drivers are responsible for avoiding other passenger vehicles who are within designated lanes and for following other Illinois Department of Transportation guidelines. Commercial truck drivers should be aware of their surroundings, but a truck accident lawyer will know the best questions to ask about your case to ensure you get the compensation you deserve. If you have experienced a trucking accident in Illinois, give us a call today.

After the accident, I forgot to take photos at the scene. Do I risk the other party misrepresenting the situation?

Accidents are scary, and details are easy to overlook. As soon as you’re able, write down what you remember happening in your private notes. Share these notes only with your truck accident attorney who will find these notes and accounts enormously helpful in investigating who is responsible and accountable for damages.

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