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Personal Injury Attorney Success Stories

Our Clients Success

$4,000,000 Settlement – Air Disaster.

We represented 2 passengers from the infamous American Airlines flight 191 tragedy.   The flight was bound for Los Angeles from Chicago O’Hare International Airport.  The full plane of weekend travelers crashed upon take-off due to negligent airline maintenance.    The disaster resulted in the largest death toll in American Airlines aviation history.

$2,250,000 Settlement – Catastrophic Truck Crash.

A young man was riding home from college with his best friend when their car was cut-off by a huge semi-tractor trailer.   The car left the roadway and rolled-over multiple times – launching the young man from the car.  To make matters worse, the 20-year old man was thrown onto a rural barbed-wire fence.  His extensive internal injuries required emergency surgery, multiple subsequent surgeries, and extensive recuperation and therapy.

$910,000 Settlement – Auto Crash.

While driving to meet a client, a self-employed 42 yr old woman was struck by a vehicle traveling in the opposite direction that suddenly made a left turn.  She injured her low back and eventually she underwent surgery for a herniated disc.  Incredibly, while she was recovering, she was involved in a second accident causing even more damage to her delicate back.  She endured multiple surgeries to correct the failed lumbar fusion.  We were there for her throughout her ordeal and were able to recover all possible insurance proceeds for her.

$775,000 Settlement – Minivan Struck

We represented a 36-year-old husband and father who was driving home in his family minivan when he stopped at a traffic light.  Out of nowhere, a vehicle crashed into the rear-end of his minivan – sending the husband/father to the emergency room with serious back, shoulder, and internal injuries.  He underwent surgery to repair his cervical herniated disc and months of recuperation and therapy followed.   He ended up with chronic pain issues.

$103,218 Workers’ Compensation Settlement plus statutory payments for life.

While on-the-job, a 32-year-old man suffered a devastating injury that resulted in 100% loss of use of his hand. Before the work injury, he had an injury to his other hand that made it unusable.   In addition to a lump-sum settlement of over $100,000.00 (which represented 100% loss of use of the affected hand), we fought for Statutory Permanent Total Loss designation — resulting in monthly payments for the remainder of his working life.   We proudly counseled and represented this hard-working laborer.

$500,000 Settlement – Mediation.

We helped a woman in her 40s whose car was rear-ended on her way to work recover for her injuries.  While damage to her vehicle appeared minor, she sustained multiple injuries to here shoulder, neck, and lower back.  She suffered chronic pain and loss of function and range of motion.  We represented her as the case progressed through mediation.

$400,000 Settlement – School Bus Accident.

We were there for a young female attendant who was in the aisle of the school bus.  She was focused on helping seat children who were getting ready for a field trip.  Unexpectedly, the bus driver suddenly gunned the bus and turned sharply – throwing the young lady backward into the windshield of the bus.  Her injuries required surgery involving a cervical fusion, the young woman made a full recovery and is now the mother of 3 beautiful children.

$510,000 Settlement – Hit and Run Accident.

We represented a young man who was struck by a hit-and-run driver while he was walking on the side of the road on his way home.  The serious ankle injury he suffered required multiple surgeries.  While the driver was never found, we accessed the limits on several insurance policies to compensate him during recovery.

$325,000 Settlement – Personal Injury & Worker’s Comp Waiver.

A burly employee of a moving company suffered serious injuries when he stepped on an unstable manhole cover while on-the-job.   The manhole cover in the sidewalk along side the building flipped as he was carrying furnishings out of a tenant’s apartment.  This hard-working man suffered multiple injuries to bones, muscles, and joints.  We proudly represented him and earned a sizeable settlement and a waiver of the $135,000 workers compensation lien.

$200,000 Settlement – Slip and Fall Accident.

Our Client a 50 yr old woman suffered serious injuries when falling on ice in a poorly maintained apartment complex.  The wrist fractures required surgery and significant rehabilitation.  We successfully fought the huge insurance companies who speculated that the fractures were the result of natural loss of bone strength and the accumulation of bone spurs.     We were proud to be her ‘voice’ during this difficult time.

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