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Hard-working men and women go to work every day never expecting an accident, but accidents do happen. Machinery malfunctions, faulty office equipment, and poorly marked hazard areas can all lead to painful and life-changing injuries. Loss of wages, injury, and ongoing illness can deplete your financial resources as a victim of a work-related accident. Friend, Levinson, and Turner Law provides the legal guidance you need to obtain the workers’ compensation benefit you are entitled to if you were injured at work.

Receiving Illinois workers’ compensation benefits should be straightforward, but injured workers often encounter delays, claims rejections, and inadequate payment to cover medical bills, lost wages, and the suffering they’ve endured. Most workers do not have the legal know-how or support to overcome the many and varying obstacles to collecting the compensation they are entitled to. Friend, Levinson, and Turner Law knows the complications involved with obtaining workers’ comp benefits and will provide the personal attention your circumstances demand with the help of a skilled Chicago workers compensation attorney.

Avoid delays, rejections, loss of wages, and inadequate payments in the state of Illinois when a workers’ compensation attorney at Friend, Levinson, and Turner Law fights for you. We aggressively pursue your compensation claim, protect your rights, and obtain the compensation settlement you deserve. From joint and neck injuries to more severe spinal, head and brain injuries, healing and recovery should be your first priority, not the stress of unpaid medical bills and rejected workers’ compensation claims.

At Friend, Levinson, and Turner Law, our workers’ compensation lawyers are experienced in obtaining the maximum benefits available under Illinois law. We rely on our years of expertise and a clear understanding of employer best practices. You will never have to come up with all the answers alone, we are here for you. Call us today for a free consultation.

Success Stories

$103,218 Workers’ Compensation Settlement Plus Lifetime Statutory Payments

While on-the-job, a 32-year-old man suffered a devastating injury that resulted in 100% loss of use of his hand. Before the work injury, he had an injury to his other hand that made it unusable.   In addition to a lump-sum settlement of over $100,000.00 (which represented 100% loss of use of the affected hand), we fought for Statutory Permanent Total Loss designation — resulting in monthly payments for the remainder of his working life. We proudly counseled and represented this hard-working laborer.

$325,000 Settlement – Personal Injury & Workers Comp Waiver

An employee of a moving company suffered serious injuries when he stepped on an unstable manhole cover while on-the-job. The manhole cover in the sidewalk along the side of the building flipped as he was carrying furnishings out of a tenant’s apartment.  This hard-working man suffered multiple injuries to bones, muscles, and joints.  We proudly represented him and earned a sizable settlement and a waiver of the $135,000 workers compensation lien.

Frequently Asked Questions before Hiring a Workers Compensation Lawyer in Chicago

What should I do if I get injured on the job?

You must notify your employer of the injury. You should also tell your employer immediately if you need medical attention. An experienced injury attorney in Chicago that specializes in the practice area of workers compensation laws can help you understand the process and your rights in Illinois and file your claim.

How can I jeopardize my benefits?

Your claim may be denied if you fail to report injuries promptly or fail to cooperate with your employer and authorized treating physicians regarding medical evaluations, treatment, rehabilitation services, and claim investigation. Your claim can also be denied if you refuse to return to suitable employment after being released to do so by a doctor.

Claims may be denied for a number of reasons. Possible problems may include submission of fraudulent information, refusal to take a drug test, or refusal to submit to a medical examination by the authorized treating physician, at reasonable times.

Under what circumstances could I be denied workers’ compensation benefits as a result of an on-the-job injury?

Benefits are not payable if you are injured while engaged in willful misconduct or if your injury is due to the use of alcohol, drugs, or the misuse of controlled substances. If you were injured while performing your job duties, workers’ compensation benefits should be within reach.

Can I sue anyone else for a work-related injury?

Yes. This is called a third-party suit. If your injury case was caused by the negligence of a third party other than an employee of the company for which you work, you may have a right to sue that party. Contact us to secure a workers’ compensation lawyer who can ask the right questions about how to get the best benefit.

Am I barred from recovery if I was at fault?

No. Fault is not an issue in a Workers’ Compensation claim. Accidents happen, and you deserve compensation for the extent of your injury. Many workers don’t know that accidents are covered in workers’ compensation, and they don’t get the full benefit. This is why you should hire a skilled workers compensation attorney to be sure you get the best benefits from your case.

What is no-fault workers’ compensation?

Illinois has a no-fault insurance program that gives benefits to employees who suffer job-related injury or illness. In such a program, if you are injured on the job, you receive benefits in exchange for agreeing not to pursue civil action against your employer, unless the injury was intentional.

What if my workers’ compensation claim is denied?

If your employer and their insurance company deny coverage of the claim, you may file a claim with Illinois’ Workers’ Compensation Commission. There is a time limit, however. Workers’ compensation laws restrict the amount of time you or your dependent have to file a worker’s compensation claim. In Illinois, it is three years from the date of injury.

If your claim is for a job-related disease, the time limitation period begins when you learn you have the disease or time of last exposure. Contact Friend, Levinson, and Turner today to hire a workers compensation attorney for your Chicago area workplace accident. Our skilled law firm will be happy to answer your questions and discuss options surrounding hiring a workers compensation lawyer in Illinois.

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