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Chicago-Auto-Accident-LawyerTrucks, motorcycles, buses, and other large commercial vehicles crowd the expressways and cause severe accidents throughout the Chicagoland area on a daily basis.  If you are the victim of an auto accident you may be entitled to compensation for property damage, loss of wages or physical suffering.  You need immediate support and care, including an authoritative Chicago auto accident attorneys who can begin protecting you immediately.

Friend, Levinson and Turner Law protects people from insurance company tactics that deny, delay, or minimize compensation for injuries.  We pursue insurance providers and others involved head-on.  Working tirelessly, we obtain the compensation to which you are entitled and advise you before accepting a settlement.

At FLT Law we get results for auto accident victims.  Our commitment to you means we search out your various legal options and take charge of any legal procedures so you can focus on healing and recovery.  If you have experienced an auto related accident or find yourself the victim of faulty automobile products, services, or other auto manufacturing issues, now is the time to seek relief.

Friend, Levinson, and Turner Law has handled thousands of car accident cases and our in-depth knowledge of insurance companies and the legal system enables us to achieve favorable outcomes.  Our experienced attorneys work hard to protect your rights, pursue recovery from property damage and lost wages, and take the pressure off you and your family while you concentrate on re-establishing your life post-injury. For 50 years FLT has protected injury victims by giving them a voice.  Find your voice with a Friend, Levinson, Turner Law attorney today.

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Auto Accident Lawsuit Frequently Asked Questions

Can the insurance company refuse to compensate me for my injury?

While the insurance company might try to draw a direct correlation between damage done to your car and the severity of your personal injury, it is possible that the body sustains damage even if the car did not. The reverse may also be true—a car might experience major impact but the people inside might only suffer only minor cuts and bruises.

I was feeling OK when I left an accident scene where I was rear-ended. I was a little dizzy, but OK to drive home. However, once I was home my head and shoulders ached. Am I covered by the other driver’s insurance?

It’s not uncommon that injuries don’t become apparent right away. See a medical professional immediately for care. Your health is always the first priority. Then, contact an attorney who specializes in personal injury and auto accident law. Never make any statements to any insurance company claims representative. Only your attorney is looking-out for your interests.

After the accident, I forgot to take photos at the scene. Do I risk others misrepresenting the situation?

Accidents are scary. Details are easy to overlook. Write down what you remember happening as soon as possible in your private notes. Share these notes only with your attorney who will find these enormously helpful in investigating who is responsible and accountable for damages.

I received a police report at the scene of the accident. It mentions that the other driver received a citation for improper lane changing. Is there any other ‘reporting’ necessary?

You must notify your insurance company and provide the police report number. In Illinois, you must complete and mail an accident report and send it to the Secretary of State. There is a deadline for filing. Don’t wait.

My neighbor said I don’t need an attorney – the insurance companies take care of everything. Is she correct?

Absolutely not. Insurance companies employ experienced negotiators who serve the interests of the insurance company – not yours. You should contact an attorney experienced in personal injury cases. Do not wait. An attorney will help you avoid mistakes that may weaken your case. Plus, your attorney will help you keep track of your medical treatment, ensure that no legal deadline is missed, advise you on realistic compensation, and keep the case moving forward.

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