Who is Liable for Accidents on Public Transportation?

Entities like the CTA, Metra, and Pace have a special duty to protect and keep passengers safe. When that duty is breached, the negligent party compensates the victim for damages. But with so many different moving pieces involved, who is liable for when you get hurt while using public transportation?

The Worst Drivers in America

Over the course of 2020, Americans drove more than 2.8 trillion miles. With so many Americans on the road, it made our group of expert truck and auto accident lawyers ask: Which states are home to the worst drivers in America? 

Dangers with Ride Sharing

It’s amazing how quickly ride sharing has grown throughout Chicagoland. Uber®, Lyft®, and Sidecar® have risen to prominence nationally.

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Accidents with Ride Sharing Vehicles – Who Is Liable?

It’s amazing how quickly ridesharing has grown throughout Chicagoland.  Uber®, Lyft®, and Sidecar® have risen to prominence nationally. These services, unlike traditional taxis, livery services, and private transport, rely on a smartphone app to connect riders with nearby drivers. These drivers are not professionals – they are simply individuals who meet the ride-sharing companies’ requirements … Continue reading “Accidents with Ride Sharing Vehicles – Who Is Liable?”

School Bus Accidents – Who is Liable?

Who Is Liable in a School Bus Accident? Illinois School Bus Laws.

It’s back-to-school time and children across Illinois are riding school buses to school, on field trips, and for after-school activities.  These buses are transporting our children five days a week, twice a day, frequently in heavy rush-hour traffic.  The risk of collisions, accidents, and injuries to our children is considerable.  It’s scary.


Dangers on Public Transportation

Dangers On Public Transportation As you pull into the O’Hare Blue line station, the train gradually slows down and you begin reaching for your luggage.  You’re about to begin a well-deserved vacation.   Just as you’re getting up from your seat, you hear a loud boom and you’re jolted to the floor.  Lights go out.  You … Continue reading “Dangers on Public Transportation”