Sharing the Road with Students Going Back to School

As students head back to in-person learning, it’s important to remember how to keep young pedestrians safe. Here are a few ways that drivers can better share the road with children and keep them safe this school year.

How to Drive Safely Around Children

As the state of Illinois begins to open up, children across the state are spending more time outdoors, riding bicycles, enjoying better weather, staring at their phones while walking aimlessly, and hanging out with friends. Kids doing what kids do.  Paying little attention to cars, traffic, and adults. It’s never more important for drivers to slow down and pay closer attention to their driving.

Who Is Liable if You Slip and Fall in a Parking Lot?

Determining liability for slip and fall accidents can be complicated. There are a number of questions to ask in determining who is responsible and whether you can be compensated.

Head injury from truck accident

Surviving Head Injuries from Truck Crashes

The human body is an amazing mechanism but it was never meant to absorb the energy resulting from impact with an interstate truck. Accidents with big-rig trucks injure thousands of drivers and riders every year. Chances of head, neck, and spinal injuries from a trucking-related traffic accident are high. The violent impact of the massive … Continue reading “Surviving Head Injuries from Truck Crashes”

Driving during the winter

The Dangers of Driving During the Winter

Driving at night during winter months in Illinois poses major risks for collisions and injuries. Driving conditions such as darkness, snow, ice, potholes, and frozen slush on your windshield and headlights have an impact on your safety.   The National Safety Council reports that traffic fatalities are three times greater at night. While road conditions and … Continue reading “The Dangers of Driving During the Winter”

The Ultimate Winter Accident Guide: Space Heaters, Driving, Ice, and More

The winter season is on its way, and with it comes unique safety risks. There are many disruptions from normal routines. Holiday accidents can result in a trip to the emergency room or even serious injuries that extend well beyond the season.

Adapting Driving for Remote Learners

It’s back-to-school time for children in Chicago and across Illinois.  But, this fall, back to school is different than ever before.  Due to the pandemic, most schools will remain closed, and “distance learning” will be the standard for most school-aged children. Students of grammar school, high school, and even college age will be learning online … Continue reading “Adapting Driving for Remote Learners”

Protect Road Construction Workers

Road Work zones are some of the most dangerous within the construction industry. Construction workers are at high risk for on-the-job accidents. They dodge drivers swerving through the maze of cones, barrels, signs, and lane changes.

Injuries from Bicycle Accidents

The number of bicyclists on Chicago and Illinois roads has increased substantially over the past few years. Riders increased, even more, this spring as many who usually take public transportation shifted to biking to limit social contact and risk of exposure to the virus.

Who is Liable for Accidents on Public Transportation?

Accidents on public transportation in Chicago and our metro area are not as common as accidents involving cars and trucks. But, they do happen. Since passengers on public transit are not protected by seatbelts, airbags, or other safety features, even sudden starts and stops can result in passenger falls, bumps, and injuries. Some injuries can be severe.