5 Easy Steps to Winning Workers’ Compensation Claims

Hurt on the job? Knowing your rights and having strong representation on your side is the key to making sure you get the money you deserve.

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Choosing a Lawyer: Lead Counsel Offers Assurance to Anxious Consumers

When you are choosing an attorney to represent you it is important to find someone who is experienced in the areas relevant to your case. While an event like a Personal Injury or Worker Compensation Claim is stressful, choosing legal representation that you feel confident in, shouldn’t be. In order to earn the Lead Counsel … Continue reading “Choosing a Lawyer: Lead Counsel Offers Assurance to Anxious Consumers”


Are You Liable if Your Party Guest Causes a Drunk Driving Accident?

Drivers impaired by alcohol are involved in far too many traffic accidents in Chicagoland.  For victims, after the pain, grief, and anger subside, thoughts will likely turn to finding the person or persons responsible for the tragedy. 

Statute of Limitations After a Car Accident in Illinois

Statute of Limitations After a Car Accident in Illinois

Auto accidents are often harrowing, life-disrupting events, especially if they cause a person serious personal injuries. If you’ve been in an auto accident that has caused you personal injury and affected your ability to work or live as usual, you might consider filing a lawsuit to recover fair compensation for the damages you’ve incurred. Before … Continue reading “Statute of Limitations After a Car Accident in Illinois”

How to File a Police Report After a Car Accident

How to File a Police Report After a Car Accident

The number of car crashes in Illinois is nothing short of alarming. Even more alarming to us at Friend, Levinson & Turner, LTD, is the fact that many people involved in these car crashes don’t understand the process of filing a police report. We cannot stress how important it is to know how and when police reports are filed, especially since there are state laws at play and you could be hit with a fine or jail time if you don’t comply (even due to a lack of knowledge).

What to Do After an Auto Accident in Illinois

The attorneys at FLT Law know that while nobody gets in the car planning to have an accident, having a plan beforehand in the event of a tragedy is a necessity.  That way, if and when the unthinkable happens and you find yourself in an auto accident in the Chicagoland area, you aren’t caught unprepared. Our easy-to-follow guide will take you through several important steps you and your family should take after an auto accident, including everything that must be documented:

School Bus Accidents – Who is Liable?

Who Is Liable in a School Bus Accident? Illinois School Bus Laws.

It’s back-to-school time and children across Illinois are riding school buses to school, on field trips, and for after-school activities.  These buses are transporting our children five days a week, twice a day, frequently in heavy rush-hour traffic.  The risk of collisions, accidents, and injuries to our children is considerable.  It’s scary.


Can You Sue for PTSD from Vehicle Accidents?

Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) is a debilitating psychological condition triggered by a trauma that is outside our normal life experiences. While PTSD is frequently associated with returning military veterans, it can develop following a catastrophic accident.


Auto Accident Checklist

Traffic.  Traffic.  Traffic. Back-to-school time always brings an increase in traffic on our roads.  Our expressways rank among the most congested in the country.  Plus, we navigate red-light cameras, runners, bikes, trucks, and, the ever-present ‘construction’. It’s no surprise that along with the increased congestion, there is an increase in crashes, collisions, and auto accidents. … Continue reading “Auto Accident Checklist”


How Are Pain and Suffering Damages Determined?

How are Pain & Suffering Damages Determined? As an attorney with over 25 years of experience practicing Personal Injury Law, I’m frequently asked, “what exactly is Pain and Suffering”?  The best way to understand it is to put yourself in the shoes of someone who has been injured because of someone’s carelessness.  The situation quickly gets … Continue reading “How Are Pain and Suffering Damages Determined?”