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Auto Accident Checklist

Traffic.  Traffic.  Traffic. Back-to-school time always brings an increase in traffic on our roads.  Our expressways rank among the most congested in the country.  Plus, we navigate red-light cameras, runners, bikes, trucks, and, the ever-present ‘construction’. It’s no surprise that along with the increased congestion, there is an increase in crashes, collisions, and auto accidents. … Continue reading “Auto Accident Checklist”


Brain Injuries and Head Trauma with Senior Citizens

The Problem Each year an estimated 1.5 million people sustain a traumatic brain injury (TBI) – a blow or jolt to the head that disrupts the function of the brain.   Mild traumatic brain injury may cause dizziness or temporary loss of consciousness; more serious traumatic injuries can result in bruising of the brain, torn tissues, … Continue reading “Brain Injuries and Head Trauma with Senior Citizens”


Catastrophic Truck Accidents

The massive size, weight, and momentum of a moving eighteen-wheeler makes truck accidents almost always catastrophic.  Anything they collide with does not stand much of a chance – often resulting in serious personal injury and even death. The unfortunate part of this is that 98% of all traffic injuries and deaths involving commercial vehicles happen … Continue reading “Catastrophic Truck Accidents”


Children’s Brain Injuries and Head Trauma

Children’s Brain Injuries and Head Trauma As parents, we need to be ever aware of causes and symptoms of brain trauma that our children may display.    The most common cause of brain trauma in our youngsters is falling – falling out of bed, slipping in the bath, falling down steps, off bicycles, skateboarding, contact sports, … Continue reading “Children’s Brain Injuries and Head Trauma”


Dangers on Public Transportation

Dangers On Public Transportation As you pull into the O’Hare Blue line station, the train gradually slows down and you begin reaching for your luggage.  You’re about to begin a well-deserved vacation.   Just as you’re getting up from your seat, you hear a loud boom and you’re jolted to the floor.  Lights go out.  You … Continue reading “Dangers on Public Transportation”


Vehicles vs. Bike Riders

Vehicles vs. Bike Riders Who among us hasn’t had to slam the brakes as a bicycle rider came out of nowhere and cut you off on a busy city street?    On the flip side, bike riders need to know what protections they have from vehicles?   Who is right in various situations?   That is what we … Continue reading “Vehicles vs. Bike Riders”


Auto Recalls at Staggering Heights

Auto Recalls at Staggering Heights Like most Americans, my family is a multi-car household. That is why I find what is happening in the auto industry right now completely unacceptable. According to a story by the CNN Money, “1 out of every 10 passenger cars and trucks in the US have been recalled this year.”  … Continue reading “Auto Recalls at Staggering Heights”

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