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Vehicles vs. Bike Riders

Vehicles vs. Bike Riders Who among us hasn’t had to slam the brakes as a bicycle rider came out of nowhere and cut you off on a busy city street?    On the flip side, bike riders need to know what protections they have from vehicles?   Who is right in various situations?   That is what we … Continue reading “Vehicles vs. Bike Riders”


How are Pain & Suffering Damages Determined?

How are Pain & Suffering Damages Determined? As an attorney with over 25 years of experience practicing Personal Injury Law, I’m frequently asked, “what exactly is Pain and Suffering”?  The best way to understand it is to put yourself in the shoes of someone who has been injured because of someone’s carelessness.  The situation quickly gets … Continue reading “How are Pain & Suffering Damages Determined?”


Auto Recalls at Staggering Heights

Auto Recalls at Staggering Heights Like most Americans, my family is a multi-car household. That is why I find what is happening in the auto industry right now completely unacceptable. According to a story by the CNN Money, “1 out of every 10 passenger cars and trucks in the US have been recalled this year.”  … Continue reading “Auto Recalls at Staggering Heights”

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