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Sports Related Brain Injuries

You may have heard about the recent study where CTE (chronic traumatic encephalopathy) was found in 99% of the deceased NFL players who donated their bodies to research. CTE is a neurodegenerative brain disease that causes memory loss, confusion, depression, anxiety, suicidal behavior, and a multitude of other clinical symptoms. Contact sports are some of … Continue reading “Sports Related Brain Injuries”


Brain Damage Causes and Symptoms in Children

Brain Damage Causes and Symptoms in Children With summer sports in full swing, children are increasing their risk of all kinds of injuries. Finding out that your child has brain damage is not an experience most parents want to have. However, it is important for parents to be cognizant of brain damage and head trauma causes … Continue reading “Brain Damage Causes and Symptoms in Children”


Illinois Workers’ Compensation vs. Personal Injury Claims

Many people who have been injured in the workplace do not know if they should pursue compensation for their injuries through a Workers’ Compensation claim or a Personal Injury lawsuit.


Springtime Road Sharing with Trucks

You thought Spring would bring sunshine, fresh air through open car windows, and that driving would be a breeze. However, you quickly found out that springtime showers and road construction bring traffic to a crawl that is as bad as the worst days of winter driving.  And trucks seem to be everywhere.  Delivery trucks, 18-Wheelers, rental … Continue reading “Springtime Road Sharing with Trucks”


Safer Spring Driving

While new cars are safer than ever, auto accidents continue to rise. Even with advanced safety systems to minimize crashes, traffic accidents and fatalities continue to increase. Many safety experts think that distracted driving, mainly due to cellphones, is responsible for this. Even though laws have been created that prohibit talking on a cellphone and … Continue reading “Safer Spring Driving”


Save Workers from Workers’ Compensation Accident Claims

Construction sites are dangerous places. In general, construction workers are at high risk for on-the-job accidents.  Every single day, they are at risk for being struck by moving objects and equipment, exposed to inclement weather, slipping and falling, and fatigue.  Injuries can keep them away from work, create medical expenses, and add concerns about providing … Continue reading “Save Workers from Workers’ Compensation Accident Claims”


Reduce Distracted Driving By Teens

The dangers of distracted driving are well documented.  While distracted driving has been around a long time, the cellphone has created a serious situation that must be managed. Distraction from cellphones is a particular problem for teens.  Almost every young adult is texting while driving.   The average text takes 4-seconds to read, and sending requires … Continue reading “Reduce Distracted Driving By Teens”


Workers Compensation Claims for Chemical Exposure

Almost any job and job site can expose employees to dangerous chemicals. While most cases of toxic chemical exposure occur in factories or locations where dangerous chemicals are used, manufactured, or mined, even office workers can suffer from exposure to cleaning chemicals or paint if the work area is not properly ventilated. If you suffer … Continue reading “Workers Compensation Claims for Chemical Exposure”


5 Most Common Injuries from Auto Accidents

Car accidents can cause severe debilitating injuries resulting in thousands of dollars in medical bills and lengthy recovery time for victims. Check out the most common injuries of those in car accidents!


Motorcycle and Lane Splitting

Sharing the road with motorcycles is tricky at times, especially in heavy traffic.  The mobility, quick acceleration, and frequent lane changes of motorcycles make accidents a risk for everyday drivers.  While some drivers view motorcycles as a menace, most bikers are law abiding and simple prefer the feel of a ‘bike’ under them.  With new … Continue reading “Motorcycle and Lane Splitting”

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