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Avoiding Accidents with Trucks


Commercial big-rig trucks present unique dangers to cars and their passengers.   The massive size, weight, and momentum make truck accidents almost always catastrophic.  Anything they collide with does not stand much of a chance – often resulting in truck accidents that cause serious personal injury and even death.

As an attorney who represents Chicagoland clients in auto and truck accident claims, I fight for victims every day to gain the benefits they deserve.    With the risks posed by accidents with big-rigs and delivery trucks, I want to offer some suggestions that will help you avoid situations that can result in an accident.

Stay Visible.    Large trucks have blind spots that are larger than cars.    These create visibility problems that put you at risk.    If you cannot see the driver in the truck’s side-view mirror, the driver probably cannot see you either.

Don’t Squeeze.    Large trucks need ample room when making turns.  When you see them turning, don’t try to squeeze into the space next to it – there’s simply not enough room to safely maneuver.    Don’t risk getting clipped.

Location. Location.    Never put yourself in a dangerous position with a truck.    Never drive between large trucks – it’s a disaster waiting to happen.    When a truck is trying to enter a highway in front of you, slow-down and let the truck merge – forcing the truck to brake as you try to pass can cause instability and erratic chain-reactions.

No Cuts.    Abruptly switching lanes in front of a truck or not giving a truck enough space when passing can cause emergency braking and unpredictable responses.  Always use your turn-signal to indicate your intent before moving into that lane.

Stay Calm.    Avoid aggressive driving.    Due to the size and weight of cargo that commercial trucks carry, they are subject to certain speed zones where they must maintain speeds lower than cars.  Even if you feel the truck driver is acting overly aggressively, don’t react in-kind.  Road rage only increases the likelihood of an accident.

What To Do If You’re Involved.

Accidents and injuries caused by big-rig commercial trucks can be extreme and life-changing.     If you’re involved, I suggest the following process:

Healthcare.  If you’re the victim of a truck accident, your health is always most important.   Seek medical attention.  Recognize that injuries don’t always become apparent right away.  Being examined by a physician should always be first priority.

Make Notes.  Accidents are scary.  Details are easy to overlook.  Write down what you remember happening as soon as possible in your private notes.    Share these notes only with your attorney who will find these enormously helpful in investigating who is responsible for the accident and holding them accountable for your injuries.

Representation.  Gain legal representation so your rights are protected.   Truck accidents are more complex because they can involve multiple responsible parties.

  • Sometimes the negligence falls on the truck driver – fatigue, compressed schedules, distraction, drug and alcohol use, erratic and dangerous driving.
  • Other times the negligence falls on others – improper loading, overloading, poorly maintained trucks & trailers, equipment malfunction, road conditions.

As a result, parties involved can include . . . the truck driver . . . cargo loaders . . . the trucking company . . . equipment manufactures . . . other negligent drivers . . . and even government entities.     Additionally, Federal and local laws may be involved.

Therefore, determining who is responsible and liable requires a thorough investigation, a comprehensive understanding of the facts, and an appreciation of the impact the accident has had on you and your family.     An experienced Chicago truck accident lawyer will focus upon the legal process so you can focus upon recovery from your injuries.

We Help Victims.

The Attorneys at Friend, Levinson & Turner Law are knowledgeable and expert in representing those injured in an accident with a commercial truck.   We apply a disciplined approach to gain a comprehensive perspective on the facts, issues, and suffering experienced by victims of these catastrophic accidents.  We make the legal process as stress-free as possible, focus on recovering compensate you, so that you can focus upon your recovery.

The attorneys at Friend, Levinson & Turner Law make the legal process as stress-free as possible.  We focus on recovering compensation for you – while you concentrate on your physical and emotional recovery.

If you or a loved one is injured in a truck accident, please call my office at 312-346-8465 or contact us using the form below.

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William has obtained judgements from juries in approximately 150 cases and has secured fair and comprehensive settlements in even more over his career. William Turner has dedicated his professional life to fighting for the rights of those who are injured as a result of the negligent acts of others.

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