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Personal Injury Lawsuit Frequently Asked Questions


What You Should Know


Should I provide a statement to an insurance company without a lawyer’s help?

It is in your best interests to only provide your contact information to an insurance company until you consult with a lawyer. The more significant your injuries, the more imperative it becomes to seek legal counsel before providing any statement.

Will I have to go to trial to recover damages?

It’s possible; however, about 95 percent of personal injury cases filed settle prior to trial.

What is considered “pain and suffering?”

Pain and suffering includes harm caused by physical injury and mental anguish experienced through avoiding activities you engaged in prior to your accident and the potential of surgery.

What determines the amount I might recover?

Every case addresses three issues:

  1. Liability—establishing someone’s negligence
  2. Injury—clearly defining the injury and its impact on the individual’s life.
  3. Damages—the amount that will fairly and adequately compensate you for your injuries.

Is there a minimum or maximum amount that can be recovered in a personal injury settlement?

No. It is based upon the liability and injury in each case.

What is a typical settlement amount?

An experienced personal injury lawyer reviews and interprets your case information to determine the appropriate value for your claim. This is based upon incurred medical expenses, future medical expenses, loss of income, your age, and any permanent limitations caused by the accident as viewed in light of the liability issues. The goal is a fair and adequate compensation for your injury and an experienced attorney will know what a reasonable jury would award. The strength of lay and expert witness testimony will likely influence the amount.